Volunteer Recognition David Mattin

Thu, Apr 11, 2024, 11:45 PM
by Rose Jackson

David Mattin's dedication to the Port Adelaide Rugby Club is truly remarkable. His commitment over the years, spanning various roles from bar manager to coach, demonstrates his deep-rooted love for the club and its community. Despite facing health challenges, David's passion for the club remains unwavering, showcasing his resilience and enduring spirit.

His week consists of washing jerseys for the various teams, helps cook the sausages for juniors after their training on Thursday nights, cleaning changerooms on Fridays before games and again on Sundays after games, checking the keg lines are clean as well as having the lines marked up on the oval before games on a Saturday.

“Dave has a way of making you feel part of the family. Whether he's known you for two minutes, or a lifetime, he makes you feel special. To this day, he is still pottering around the club, be it rain, hail or shine. In my short stint, he's provided me with the needs to know on beer kegs, plumbing requirements, council regulations just to name a few. I feel there are many more updates coming my way” says Club Secretary, Karen Spavin

Dave has loved being a part of the Port Adelaide community and cherishes the friendships he has made along the way.

RugbySA Mattin Family Port Adelaide

The memories he has created, especially watching his sons Aaron and Tim succeed within the club, are undoubtedly cherished moments for him. His involvement in the club's victories, such as the "A" Grade and "B" Grade Premierships in 2002, must have been incredibly fulfilling for him as both a father and a dedicated member of the Port Adelaide community.

“If I want to know where dad is, I should start looking at the club. He is always there,” says son, Tim Mattin.

David's dedication to the Port Adelaide Rugby Club continues to inspire those around him, leaving a lasting legacy of commitment, passion, and camaraderie.