RugbySA Wheelchair Rugby SA
Wheelchair Rugby is a team sport for athletes of any gender with a physical impairment. It is an invasion and evasion sport allowing full contact between chairs with the object being to carry the ball across the opposing team’s try line.

Played on a hardwood basketball court over four quarters, two teams battle it out using their specially designed wheelchairs to crash, block and trap their opponents in an attempt to stop them from scoring a try.

Despite its intensity, wheelchair rugby is a family friendly mixed gender accessible sport. The classification system allows players with a wide range of functionality to compete on a level playing field. To be eligible to play under World Wheelchair Rugby rules a player must have some functional impairment to at least 3 limbs.

Games are played on Wednesday evenings from 6:00 and training is on Mondays from 6:00 in the Hampstead Rehabilitation Centre Gym 207-235 Hampstead Rd, Northfield SA 5085 If you would like more information about wheelchair rugby, from local training and championships, to state, national and international competitions, contact:

James Coleman Phone: 0401397150 Email: Facebook:

Andy Phillips 0428100678 State Coach

Jamie Wilson 0488005511 State Manager