Rugby SA Judiciary

Rugby Union SA's Judicial Committee is an independent panel of individuals convened under World Rugby Regulation 17 and Rugby Australia's Disciplinary Rules. Its role is to adjudicate complaints under the Code of Conduct, and conduct disciplinary proceedings for Foul Play.

Rugby Australia's Code of Conduct provides a set of standards for everyone involved in Rugby to ensure it is played in a safe, fair and inclusive environment. It outlines the procedures for reporting, complaint handling and investigations of alleged breaches. The code applies to all participants involved in the game including:

  • boards, committees, sub-committees
  • employees and volunteers
  • managers, physiotherapists, sports trainers and other support personnel
  • coaches and assistant coaches
  • players
  • referees and other match officials
  • members including life members and hall of fame members
  • member unions

Rugby Australia's Disciplinary Rules to ensure uniformity in the way disciplinary procedures are administered in the game across Australia, for foul play (red cards and citings)

Sanctions for 2023
  • Waisu, Southern Suburbs, Law 9.12, 6 weeks
  • Waqa, Southern Suburbs, Law 9.13, 3 weeks
  • Nielsen, Adelaide University, Law 9.28, 2 weeks