Prepare to Perform

SA Rugby Academy
Our South Australian pathway and talent identification program continues to highlights and nurture the state's emerging Rugby talent.

During the off-season, Rugby Union SA is continuing to grow our hugely well-received “Prepare to Perform" program.

This program is to help prepare our junior rugby talent for the State Representative Pathways program, giving players more contact time with coaches, thereby, improving further the selection process.

It is vital that all our best players get the opportunity to represent, and early identification means the program and clubs can make a plan to support players who may not previously have considered state representative rugby.

Points to note:

  • A developing State Program approach to prepare to perform!
  • Starts with identified players being invited for an early engagement with potential representative coaches to build the program and identify all available talent.
  • Starting with a 5-session “Prepare to Perform” (P2P) program for all potential representative coaches and players.
  • Note – Players and coaches can be added or released through all these processes following further consultation between RUSA staff and Club coaches.
  • We also look to work with clubs and players in the future to manage the best level of support for individuals to remove as many barriers as possible that have prevented talent, in the past, from being part of the Junior State Pathway.
  • Raising the bar to compete at our highest level. We want the best talent on the park!