R5 Weekly Wrap Up, Season 2022

Summary of issues from Round 5


If a Coach/Team Manager knows before the game that their team will not be able to field 15 players at the start of the game, then they must notify the Referee and opposition Coach /Manager of this fact before the start of the match.

  • Teams must be equal at the commencement of the match: with player numbers on the pitch for each team being 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 or 15-a-side (plus reserves up to 23)
  • Team(s) with less than 15 players available must play with all available players
  • Once the match has commenced, injuries or players arriving late don’t further alter the number of players on allowed on the pitch as applied prior to the commencement of the match.

All games will be played under XVs laws

Contested and Uncontested Scrum Policy still applies


There is no specific time required for team sheets to be submitted, however, team sheets must reflect all players available to play in the game, with their correct jersey numbers.

ALL POLICIES ARE AVAILABLE THROUGH OUR WEBSITE: https://sa.rugby/competitions/seniors/rugby-administration