Volunteer Recognition Morag Hamill

Thu, Jun 13, 2024, 10:00 PM
by Rose Jackson

The Crippled Crows is a social rugby competition designed for players over 35 to maintain fitness and health by playing rugby regularly in a friendly and safe environment. This competition allows long-time players and supporters of the sport to stay connected with the rugby community while also welcoming newcomers who are interested in learning and playing the sport for the first time.

Morag Hamill, a vital member of the Crippled Crows, joined the team through her connections with Billy and Carol Brown and has been serving as their Secretary since 2017. Her organizational skills are remarkable, as she has a talent for motivating others to participate and ensuring the success of club activities. When challenges arise, Morag steps in and guarantees that plans are executed flawlessly.

She is dedicated to providing the best experience for club members, from arranging food and drink for events to overseeing the traditional pre-game port toasts. Her meticulous attention to detail impresses everyone. Additionally, Morag organizes raffle items and manages the logistics of the annual Barossa bus trip, where the team travels to play at the Rams' home ground.

Club President Fraser Vivian comments "Morag is one of the most generous-hearted and spirited people I know. If she takes on a task you can be assured that it will be done well."

Morag's ability to make everyone feel included is unparalleled. She actively engages with new members, introducing herself and then connecting them with others, ensuring that no one is left out. Her inclusive approach fosters a welcoming atmosphere that strengthens the club's community spirit.

RugbySA Crippled Crows Morag Hamill

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