Volunteer Recognition Aiden Brusnahan

Thu, Apr 18, 2024, 11:30 PM
by Rose Jackson

Talk to anyone at Brighton about young Aiden, they all say the same thing. He’s always at the club. But there are some differences in their perspective.

Iain Bryce talks about Aiden and the involvement he has in their Touch 7s. “He runs the whole thing. Gets the team nominations sorted, gets players registered, organises a draw, organises all the Referees. What he has helped create for the Brighton community in the off-season is simply amazing!”

But then you talk to Adam Priestley about Aiden and he tells me about his little-side kick. “He helps set up the space outside the canteen with tables so guests have somewhere to sit. He makes sure all the bins are emptied and the fridges are stocked. If you asked him to do anything, he would”

And then there are the Brown Brothers, who mention he is just always here.

Assistant coach to Andrew Brown in U12 in 2022 and 2023, this year he is an assistant coach with Dan Naylor in U14. “He relates so well with the kids cos he’s a lot closer in age than us older folk. He gets to the club early on Tuesdays and Thursdays so that kids who arrive very early for training have someone to help them out before training starts.” says Andrew.

RugbySA Aiden Brusnhan Brighton

And Jayne Fishwick has yet another angle on Aiden’s involvement. “Adam and I would get to the club early on game days so we could set up the coffee machine and get bits sorted. As well as helping us set up, Aiden would then go off to referee the JPP games. He just loves being involved.”

Although there are different perspectives to what Aiden does at the club, they all say the same thing. He lives and breathes rugby. He is reliable and selfless and we know we can rely on him.

All this and he’s only 20!