R9 Weekly Wrap Up, Season 2022


Round 9 saw the half way point in the competition. You may be starting to think about finals and finals eligibility.

Of note from the policy:

  • A player may only play a finals match where the player has been registered for and played in at least 5 Minor Rounds in the relevant RUSA Competition, unless considered by RUSA under exceptional circumstances.
  • Players will be recorded as playing only for the highest team on that day where they were a starting run-on player OR Should the player only have acted as a reserve they will be only recorded against the highest team that they were a reserve for on that day

To be eligible to play for: a) A particular Club (where a player has been registered to 2 or more Clubs in a season); and b) A particular Team within a Club (i.e. Senior Grades) players must meet the following criteria

  • A player may only play a finals match in the club and grade/team where the player has played at least 50% of their matches during the current minor round.
  • Players may play a finals match for their eligible Club in a grade higher than which they are eligible for based on participation in the minor rounds.

Please familiarise yourself with the policy: https://sa.rugby/competitions/seniors/rugby-administration