R15 Weekly Wrap Up, Season 2022

With only a few weeks to go, we need to get the administration of the Match Day app neatened up.

  • Please ensure all scores are verified with the referee directly after a game, and the game is closed off in match day. You should see FINAL listed either in Rugby Xplorer or in the Match Day app.
  • All cards need to be recorded – Yellow, Red and Blue Cards.
  • All players participating in the game need to be on the team sheet – which does not exceed 23 players
  • Substitutes must be recorded.
    • Unlimited substitutes for Juniors
    • 12 substitutes for Women and Third Grade
    • 8 substitutes for Reserves and Premier
  • U6/7, U8 & U10 must have the players named that are participating in the games
R15 Weekly Wrap Up, Season 2022