Sub-Committee Review of Season 2020

· SA Premier
by Rugby Union SA

The end of season review is a great opportunity for the community to come together and discuss what worked and what we can build on for next season. Planning is now underway for XVs Season 2021 based on feedback received from each sub-committee

CAG Meeting (Competition Advisory Group)

26th of November, CAG Representatives from most clubs attended the end of season review to discuss what worked and beginning the planning for 2021 season.

The main points that came from this meeting were:

  • Clubs were thankful that we could see out a season and had strong numbers in the teams that each club entered.
  • There are some clubs that are building on the growth of 2020 and will be able to enter additional teams in 2021, building the competitions in U18, Women and Third Grades.
  • Those who attended were unanimous that 2021 should be an attempt at the 18 round season which was planned for 2020, keeping the club v club draw.

The potential for finals to include Plate Finals for Women and Juniors was also discussed and this will be looked at further with the 2021 CAG Group.

If you would like to provide feedback to your clubs CAG representative, please get in touch with

  • Adelaide University – Matt Mooney & Vikki Chave
  • Barossa – Fraser Vivian
  • Brighton – Richard Wasley & Jayne Fishwick
  • Burnside – Phil Doherty & Tom Hankey
  • Elizabeth – Dave Zeelen & Jason Hyam
  • North Torrens – Jeff Stevens & Geoff Waters
  • Old Collegians – Rob Costanzo & Danny McCartan
  • Onkaparinga – Matt Whitton & Liam Smith
  • Port Adelaide – Andrew Williams
  • Southern Suburbs – Tyrone TePaiho & Derrick Buksh
  • Woodville – Craig Basford
  • Referees Association – Phil Jones & Dave Gunning

WAG Meeting (Womens Advisory Group)

20th of November, WAG Representatives came together to discuss the season. All clubs that attended were excited for the opportunity and engagement that will arise from the Regional Girls comp especially with the ROMAs beginning their training ahead of the 2021 season.

If you would like to provide feedback to your clubs WAG representative, please contact:

  • Adelaide University – Barbara Low & Lusia Raikiwasa
  • Barossa – Graham Toganivalu
  • Brighton – Jess Beanie & Maryanne Longstaff
  • Burnside – Sophie McClure & Aofe Rutley
  • Elizabeth – Sam Cowan & Vanessa Knevitt
  • Old Collegians – Alecia Pienaar & Phoebe Linder-Patton
  • Onkaparinga – Danielle Wall
  • Port Adelaide – Keisha Reynolds & Pete Garden
  • Southern Suburbs – Sarah Batzavalis & Sarah Hunter
  • Woodville – Helen Chitty
  • Referees – Dave Gunning & Mike Hayes

JYAC Meeting (Junior Youth Advisory Meeting)

5th of November, the Junior Youth Committee explored the potential for single aged grades in U9, U11 and U13 grades to be played at a separate time to the normal games, with games being for non-competition points. The aim of introducing these grades is to help kids transition into the next age group but also to provide more rugby to kids that may feel like they are missing out.

Dispensations have always been a hotly discussed topic, and RUSA will be taking a firmer stance to decline dispensations down other than in extenuating circumstances going forward.

If you want to give feedback to your Junior Youth Coordinator, please speak with:

  • Adelaide University – Vikki Chave
  • Barossa – Lainie Cozzitorto
  • Brighton – Neil Ramsay & Robin Morgan
  • Burnside – Kath van Dieman & Phil Doherty
  • Elizabeth – Dave Zeelen & Vanessa van Dongen
  • Old Collegians – Nate Sos & Chris Killick
  • Onkaparinga – Ku Tito-Matiaha & Liam Smith
  • Port Adelaide – Darren Stanton & Andrew Williams
  • Southern Suburbs – Matthew Schapel
  • Woodville – Roy Utting & John ColleyReferees – Mike Meredith & Mike Hayes