Finlay loves being a part of the Brighton Community

by Rugby Union SA

Finlay was diagnosed with spastic diplegic cerebral palsy when he was 3. When he was 4, after preparing for Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy surgery in the US, genetic testing discovered a new diagnosis of an extremely rare gene mutation with Finlay being of only 4 known cases in the world!

A lot of things are difficult for Finlay, but he just gets on with it. He is a happy, vivacious and outgoing kid as anybody who meets him will tell you.

His absolute passion above all else, however, is a day at the Rugby!! Whether home or away Finlay is in his element when around our great rugby community.

Affectionately dubbed "the Mayor of Brighton", Finlay has everyone wrapped around his little finger and he knows how to work it. Being the rockstar he is, upon arrival to training on a Tuesday night he beelines for his first stop - the Canteen with Adam and Jayne. Then once he's had enough of them its off to the Trainer room to get his Chuppa Chup from Kev Beckett

From there its some light mingling and hello's, until he spots Andrew and Sarah Cropley. A Tuesday night isn't complete without a walk down to the skate park with Andy.

Gamedays, Finlay is the most vocal supporter of the Brighton Under 10s and his big brother Angus. However, he can also be found to be a vocal supporter of the opposition, even sometimes ending up on their bench.

See the thing is, Finlay just loves everyone! It doesn't matter who you are, where you are from or what you do, Finlay's inclusion of others has no prejudice.

Father, Dan Naylor, has learnt a lot from his son, as would anyone who meets him.

Next time you see young Finaly at the rugby, make sure you collect your high five (or give a friendly elbow bump)!!