Rugby Union SA | 2019 Annual Report

by Rugby Union SA

Rugby Union SA (RUSA) is proud to present the 2019 Annual Report.

Many key goals were achieved in 2019, including the growth of our junior playing numbers and maintaining the amazing growth that we had experienced in female players in 2018. In addition to the success on the field, we also met all revenue targets and for a fourth consecutive year, reported a small surplus ensuring we are a going concern moving into a very unstable future.

In 2019, RUSA continued working under its revised 2016-2020 strategic plan, which provides a framework for RUSA to achieve its vision

To ignite passion, build character and create an inclusive South Australian Rugby community

Season highlights included

  • The Gold-Blooded Tour through Coober Pedy, Port Augusta, Barossa, Adelaide, Mt Gambier
  • NRC hosted at Southern Suburbs with Melbourne Rising v NSW Country Growth of the
  • NRCII competition expanded to included 5 visiting states 

With the current Coronavirus issue rapidly-evolving and its implications for the sport set to be far reaching, RUSA will be working hard to bring our community game back to where it was and keep this wonderful sport flourishing in South Australia.

Our staff continue to work hard putting together revised competition draw options, development plans, coaching plans and communicating with our community,however, hours have been reduced significantly with all staff.

CEO Carl Jones says “It is important that we are able to hit the ground running when the virus has passed, and for that reason, we have kept all staff on and engaged with programs that can be rolled out asap”

“Our staff are passionate and hard-working. They want to stay connected to the organisation and are dedicated to seeing Rugby flourish in this state, and I am excited for the future.”

To view the 2019 Annual Report, click here.