Coach Compliance

Thu, 14/06/2018, 02:00 am
Rugby Union SA
by Rugby Union SA

At the start of the 2018 season, we introduced a Coaching Audit system to track the progress of all coach development, but to also ensure we maintain minimum compliance standards. 

The intent of this audit is to elevate the education and standard of coaching, which leads to better coach enjoyment, a subsequently better player enjoyment, and when players are enjoying themselves more, then more players want to play Rugby. 

To date, less than 50% of coaches at all grades have met the minimum coaching requirements, which are:

“Smart Rugby” course completed and current (online course)

“Concussion and Serious Injury Management” course completed and current (online course)

Both courses are available on the Rugby Learning Centre:

PLEASE NOTE:  Every primary (or head) coach for every team in a every Club is required, at minimum, to complete and be compliant in these two mandatory courses before the next competition BYE, and before Round 11 commences. 

Any team which has a primary (or head) coach without both of these courses completed and compliant will have every match recorded as a forfeit from Round 11 onwards until the primary (or head) coach achieves both competencies.

Updated reports will be sent regularly to Clubs over the next 4 week period so you can ensure your coaches are up-to-date. 

If you require any assistance or support, please don’t hesitate to contact Jason Hyam (coach education management) or Pete Garden (competition management)