2019 ANZAC Memorial Match

· SA Premier
by Rugby Union SA

Rugby Union SA is very proud to be able to participate in the RSL ANZAC Sporting Medal program.

For the eighth year, the ANZAC Memorial Match is to be played between the Grand Finalists from the previous season, during the round closest to ANZAC Day as a tribute to those brave men and women who have served our Nation and the ANZAC spirit.

The player voted best on ground will be awarded the Michael von Berg MC OAM– RSL ANZAC Day Medal.


1. Jacob France

2. Logan Brown

3. Donald Clune

4. Keegan Lassen

5. Ryan France

6. Mitchell Wench

7. Samuel Williamson

8. Rian Murphy

9. Hector Caron

10. Joel Plummer

11. Joe Lawaki

12. Treymaine Butler

13. Pita Bulewa

14. Robbie Ferguson

15. Nathan Satala (Captain)

16. Kai Wilson

17. Matt Trayner

18. Judd Barratt

19. Chad Bowker

20. Mark Masefield

21. Mark Elbourne

22. Tom Cooper

23. Maddie Whittington

Coach: Richard Wasley

Manager: Marshall Wells



1.Johnathon Van Dissel

2. Ciaran Sambrook

3. Louis Fagan

4. Alistair Langsford

5. Lachlan English

6. Jacob Devlin

7. Nichel Lam Sam

8. Blair Marshall (Captain)

9. Harrison Rahaley

10. Andrew Hamilton

11. Tony Barker

12. Matthew Benger

13. Isaac Allum-Henson

14. Fraser Green

15. Jevan Woodland

16. Chris Walton

17. Kiru Brown

18. Tupu-Jonty Maualaivao

19. Sid Spicer

20. Zac Ellis

21. Leon Immelman

22. Nikolay Szecko

Coach: Wayne Vincent & Alasdair Hamilton

Manager: Patrick Betham


Program can be found here