Women's Rugby

Does it matter if I don’t understand the rules?

Not at all! Most beginners don’t know the rules of Rugby to start with and that’s totally fine. We recommend watching some Rugby on TV or online plus a coach or mentor will be on hand to offer guidance each step of the way.

Does it matter if I have never played sport before?

Not in the slightest. There are lots of new players taking up Rugby all the time, so you are definitely not alone!

We’re conscious not to throw people in the deep end, so whatever type of Rugby you decide to get involved with, you can do so at your own pace. Your coach will teach you the basics at training, so you feel comfortable before you play any matches.

Do I need to join a club?

Unless you can play at school, you’ll need to join a club but don’t worry it’s super easy! Click here to find a club close to you.

What do I wear?

Don’t worry about buying new stuff to start with as you can train in sportswear and runners. Your team will help you sort your playing uniform (also known as kit) when the time is right. You will also need to get yourself a mouth guard before you commence any contact sessions.

Can I play with girls or do I have to play with boys?

After the age of 12 more girls play in ‘girl only’ teams so you won’t have to play against boys.

Will I get hurt?

While Rugby is a physical sport and injuries can happen, the contact part of the game is what a lot of players enjoy the most. We take player safety very seriously and there are rules and regulations in place to make sure you’re protected on the field. Plus your coach will teach you how to tackle safely and the skills needed in contact to give you the confidence to enjoy playing Rugby.

Do I have to get changed in front of everyone?

No most clubhouses will have a changeroom where you can get dressed in private. If they don’t, you may need to get changed before you arrive. Make sure you ask the person organising your team about this and they’ll help you out.

How much does it cost?

The cost varies depending on which version of Rugby you take up. We try where possible to keep costs down and your club will often have fundraising events to help reduce costs for their members.

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