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Rugby Union SA | Annual General Meeting

Wed, 12/05/2021, 11:30 pm
Rugby Union SA
by Rugby Union SA

Rugby Union SA held its Annual General Meeting on the 12th of May.


With COVID restrictions eased, Member Clubs were able to meet face-to-face to review season 2020 including the financials which were released to the community on the 20th of April.


Rugby Union SA finances have been audited by PERKS and signed off as a going concern, which is good news in this current economic climate.


The meeting saw the endorsement of Elena Casciano and Brett Smith to continue as Directors with the addition of Paul Brown to the Board, all with three-year terms.


5 Life Members were also ratified by the Member Clubs

Gary Howat, Referee Life Member


  • Referee of over 300 club games
  • Referee of 7 grand finals & assistant referee in 4
  • Referee of state representative games
  • Referee Australian Schoolboy & Provincial 7s rugby
  • Referee Liaison Officer for iRB 7s
  • Steve Sandford, Referee Life Member
    • Referee of over 300 club games with over 1,000 games as a match official
    • Referee of 8 grand finals
    • Referee of state representative games
    • Recipient of Volunteer of the Year, HJ Rogers Administrative Services & SARUA Ken Grayling Memorial Cup
    Jim Wilson, Player Life Member
    • Played over 200+ club games
    • Represented South Australia on 42 occasions
    • Sir Norman Jude Trophy winner
    • Wrote paper on ‘Rugby Development’
    • Coached State U21s team
    Steve Dumican, Player Life Member
    • Played over 200+ club games
    • Represented South Australia on 27 occasions
    • Coach/ Assistant Coach over 6-year period
    • SARU Director, Finance & Governance Committee Member & Ken Grayling Scholarship Trustee
    Pam Jackson, Life Member
    • Secretary & Judiciary Member, SA Junior Rugby Union over 6-year period
    • Registrar, Match Committee and Judiciary Member, SARU over 13-year period


    At the closing of the 2020 accounts, President Mike von Berg MC OAM said “This past year was the toughest, complex, frustrating and difficult that I have experienced. We should acknowledge the State Government and the work they have put in to ensure the safety of all South Australians.


    “I want to thank the Board, Carl and the staff at Rugby Union SA, the Clubs and their dedicated volunteers as well as the Referees for an outstanding year and an outstanding result.


    “We can play hard on the field but after the game, we can enjoy each other’s company in the bar. This sets us apart from other sports. We need to continue to support each other.”