Codes and Policies

The Rugby Australia Anti-Corruption and Betting Policy applies to all Rugby participants and they need to be aware of its requirements.

Rugby Australia believes people’s right to compete in a fair sport which is free from match fixing and corruption is fundamental.

Therefore, Rugby Australia has developed the Rugby Australia Anti-Corruption and Betting Policy in accordance with World Rugby Regulation 6 (Anti-Corruption and Betting).

This policy applies to all participants involved in the game including players, match officials, team management/staff, employees or volunteers of a rugby body, player agents and Rugby Union Players Association (RUPA) employees.

All participants must be aware of the following: 

  • Professional and semi-professional level participants (including employees) are prohibited from betting on any Rugby games from anywhere in the world;
  • All other participants are prohibited from betting on any competition that they are involved in;
  • Participants are prohibited from fixing or attempting to fix the result or progress of any event; 
  • Participants are prohibited from using or attempting to use inside information for the purpose of wagering or participating in a fantasy Rugby competition;
  • Participants are prohibited from disclosing or attempting to disclose inside information to any person;
  • Participants must report any approach from any individual(s) that is or may be a breach of the policy.  

Further detailed information on the Anti-Corruption and Betting Policy can be found in the Rugby Australia Integrity Online courses, click here for information on how to enrol.